Caring for your heart website launched

Our new Brum-based resource is LIVE!  This fab new website combines faith and medical information to tackle the high health inequalities in UK’s Muslim communities.  At you can:


  • Watch films in English, Punjabi and Urdu
  • Find recipes for healthy meals
  • Learn about useful exercises you can do at home
  • Read the stories of others and share your own experience of how heart disease has affected you and those close to you deals with heart disease and how we can live healthier lifestyles through diet and exercise.  Maslaha, in partnership with Birmingham East and North PCT and Health Launchpad at the Young Foundation has been working with health practitioners, local community organisations, patients and many others to produce this unique resource.


This work is based on Maslaha’s previous successful work in the borough of Tower Hamlets in London which has a prevalence of diabetes three times higher than the average in England and Wales. To explore this work, please visit