Full speed ahead!

By Caroline Radnofsky


A few months ago, Westminster Primary Care Trust commissioned us to produce an educational health DVD on diabetes for the Muslim community in Westminster. We accepted their request and our Diabetes in Westminster project began!

Since then we’ve been working closely with doctors and patients at Queen’s Park Health Centre, local community organisations like the Beethoven Centre, Queen's Park Bangaldeshi Association and countless others to create a brilliant and unique resource to help manage and prevent diabetes.

With Ramadan about to begin, the project’s timing couldn’t be better. Ramadan is a time when Muslims not only come together to consider their faith but also when they re-evaluate their lifestyles, particularly in matters of health. Unfortunately, Ramadan is also a time when the number of diabetes-related complications increases due to fasting, so it is vital that diabetes better understand how to take their health into account when fasting.

We’ve finished production and are now in the second stage of the project: promoting what we’ve done! The website went live on Monday and the DVDs will be arriving at the Maslaha office (all 1000 of them!) in the next few days, so it’s full speed ahead. on finding local businesses, organisations and health-care providers in Westminster who are willing to help distribute and promote the DVDs within the local community.

So as you can tell, lots going on! We want to make this project as big as possible, so if you’re interested in the Diabetes in Westminster project or any of our other work with diabetes in Muslim communiuties and have any ideas about how we can best get our message out, we’d love to hear from you!