Maslaha wins award at City Hall

By Natalia Chan

Maslaha has won an award for its work with GPs, hospitals and local imams in Tower Hamlets and Westminster.  The Partnership Achievement award recognizes Maslaha’s work in health, in particular helping the Muslim community to access services and manage diabetes.

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Some examples of Maslaha’s work in health:

Diabetes in Tower Hamlets

Diabetes in Tower hamletsAccording to the 2006/2007 GP patient survey, Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust ranked bottom in terms of how efficiently and regularly constituents accessed health care services.  The group most affected were Bangladeshi community, and particularly those under 35.  Tower Hamlets has a prevalence of diabetes three times higher than average in England and Wales, an estimated 13,000-14,000 with the condition, largely occurring within the South Asian community.  Type 2 diabetes is occurring in Bangladeshi children as young as 10 in Tower Hamlets.

Our website and DVD combined advice from local health professionals with Islamic evidence from Imams and religious scholars in both English and Sylheti.  “The Islamic point of view is very good; it’s more inclusive and reaches more people.  Other resources we have been given before have been useless; the patience cannot understand the advice.  This is particularly good for people who have just been diagnosed, but also as a reminder for long-term sufferers.” (Diabetes nurse, Tower Hamlets surgery)

Caring for your heart

Caring for your heart‘Caring for your heart’ was commissioned by Birmingham East and North PCT to combat cardio-vascular disease, specifically aimed at Muslim women (in English, Punjabi and Urdu).  This resource is unique in featuring a women only gym, emphasizing that a means of keeping fit is available to all.

Dr Khalid, who is a partner in Amaanah surgery, said: "This has been the most useful health intervention we have used as it reaches patients directly. There has been a real demand for the DVDs and when we have marketed the website, I know there has been a real surge in use."

Your Healthy Pregnancy

Commissioned by BEN PCT to address high rates of perinatal mortality, this pioneering resource focused on important issues identified by midwives and pregnancy outreach workers, including breastfeeding and diet in English, Punjabi and Pashto.

Diabetes Matters

Diabetes MattersCommissioned by Westminster PCT to address a lack of understanding of diabetes in Westminster, specifically within the Bangladeshi community (in English and Sylheti).


Maslaha’s unique approach has led to many successes:

  • The Diabetes in Tower Hamlets project was presented as an example of good practice at the 2008 NHS London conference – ‘Innovating for a World City’ and at the international Cities of Migration conference in the Hague in September 2010 which showcases innovative integration practices
  • Maslaha was awarded the Diabetes UK Shared Practice award in 2010 in recognition of how our projects deliver innovative care to improve the health and quality of life for people with diabetes through person centred care models
  • A recent award from the London Health Commission which was presented at City Hall for our record in partnership achievement
  • Maslaha has also received acclamation from numerous other sources including from respected professors of public health, from health professionals who find our resources through websites such as the British Heart Foundation, Diabetes UK and City Circle, and from community workers who contact us to ask if we can deliver education sessions within their communities

The success of these resources has led to great interest from other healthcare providers across the UK, and we hope to use this approach to address issues such as depression, smoking cessation, alcohol and drug abuse, obesity, sexual health, autism and more.