Winning Stories

By Raheel Mohammed

We have been lucky enough to be shortlisted for an award by the London Healthcare Commission for our resources which cover diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, perinatal mortality, retinal screening, and diet during Ramadan.


Produced over a period of nearly two years our health resources have been successful because we have enlisted the support of the communities we are looking to help. A combination of doctors, nurses, patients, families, community organisations, health and fitness staff, chefs, dieticians, imams, breast-feeding counsellors, and schools.

Their ideas and stories have become a part of our resource and rightly so as it is they who continue to use them.

The power of stories and public ownership is a theme that Maslaha has tried to develop in all its work. It is an idea that can be found all over the world and across many centuries.

Take Gaudi’s iconic church in Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia, built “for the people by the people”, its first stone laid down in 1882. Made possible by the donations of worshippers, the church remains unfinished and still relies on public donations.
It continues to be built in the public gaze, as generations of visitors marvel at its construction, they too become a part of the Sagrada Familia’s story.

There is a kind of vulnerability in watching this artistic and religious endeavour continue to evolve and take shape. Once you have visited the church and seen the bulldozers inside, and heard the sound of hammering and drilling, you can’t help but feel a part of its history.

This sense of community ownership is vital to tackling health inequalities. Health issues should not just be a concern in the GP’s surgery but a part of everyday life that is led by communities themselves.