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Escuela Nueva in the UK

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Adapting the award-winning Escuela Nueva whole school education model to the UK

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Adapting Escuela Nueva to the UK

Maslaha is delighted to be working in partnership with Fundación Escuela Nueva (FEN) to use the internationally acclaimed Escuela Nueva model to tackle educational inequalities in the UK.

Escuela Nueva has transformed the lives of millions of children all over the world. The model’s transformative impact on both educational attainment as well as life skills has been acknowledged by bodies such as the World Bank, UN, Skoll Foundation, Ashoka, WISE as well as numerous academic institutions and governments.

Maslaha is currently in the second year of a three year pilot project with FEN and two high-achieving primary schools across the UK to adapt the award winning Escuela Nueva model to challenge current demographic patterns found within the UK’s achievement gap causing certain communities to do less well in schools than others. The schools we are happy to be working with are:

We want to work to work together with schools to unlock the potential in local communities and realise their role in challenging educational inequalities. The Escuela Nueva model has been proven to impact academic achievement as well as wider life skills. It has also been shown to strengthen the relationship between schools and their local communities.

We are working to create culturally responsive and child centred schools using a number of different strategies:

  • Working with teachers to develop a culturally relevant pedagogy
  • Encouraging civic participation in schools to support the development of skills such as empathy, cooperation and self-esteem
  • Project based learning relevant to local communities
  • Community involvement in schools 
  • Collaboration between teachers and the local community

The impacts and outcomes we hope to see as a result of this project include:

  • Improvement in academic attainment of low achieving groups
  • Development of life skills and raising aspiration
  • Higher levels of engagement from low achieving groups
  • Stronger relationships between schools, parents and local communities
  • A curriculum that is culturally and socially relevant

Over the next year we will be working to understand relationships between our partner schools and their local communities through a period of action research focused through the lens of a multi-layered food project.

The project will span a range of curriculum subjects including History, PSHE, Design Technology, Geography and Science to improve literacy, oracy and wellbeing, and develop skills such as entrepreneurship, communication and civic participation.

Students and parents will be involved in every stage of the project from planning, to growing, sharing personal and cultural histories of food, taking part in local and national events and working to create long-term business opportunities for the project, that will benefit local communities.

By working strategically with Escuela Nueva to integrate parents and local communities into the learning processes of children, and strengthen the relationship between communities and schools, we hope to develop a scalable and sustainable school model that will tackle educational inequality in the UK and create systemic change in this country’s education system.

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Adapting a model from Colombia for UK schools, based on the needs of local communities

Adapting the award-winning Escuela Nueva whole school education model to the UK

Read the latest news about the project here...