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Introducing Maslaha's first online exhibition

By Natalia Chan

We're working in partnership with the British Council to build an online exhibition all about the constant mix of conversations that have occurred between different cultures and societies.

The theme of the exhibition is TRAVEL - both of individuals and also ideas across time and geographical boundaries. In particular, we will focus on a 17th century Turkish traveller, Evliya Celebi, who wrote extensively of his travels to Europe and North African in his book, Seyahatname - Book of Travels.

This exciting exhibition will bring together Evliya's account with European accounts both in his time and two hundred years later using films, music, storytelling, unique archive images and much more.

Just to make things even more interesting, we are building a physical exhibition which we will capture digitally to turn into an online entity. Intrigued? Watch this space to follow the story...