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A unique online exhibition showing how the Ottomans shaped London and the rest of Europe through music, medicine and art was launched on June 14th through a unique collaboration including the British Council, and with artwork from the largest private Islamic art collection in the world.

'Evliya Celebi: Book of Travels' has been featured in:

The physical preview took place in Bethnal Green Library on the 13th of May 2010, with the physical exhibition open and received a wide range of visitors, including school tours on from 14 –15 May.

The launch was supplemented by an event at City Circle entitled "How the Ottomans shaped and were shaped by Europe", featuring three world renowned Ottoman experts - Caroline Finkel, Donna Landry and Gerald MacLean. 

The exhibition has now been transformed into a virtual experiment with its launch in the UK, Istanbul, Germany and other European countries.

To find out more about the exhibition visit: www.thebookoftravels.org

Watch our video blogs as we build the exhibition at maslaha.tumblr.com.

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