The Campaign


In March 2011 – on the 100 year anniversary of International Women’s Day - Maslaha officially launched its campaign to capture the diverse stories of Muslim women in Britain today with an exhibition which featured the story of Muna Hassan, a 27 year old activist and campaigner from Newham. 

As well as continuing to build up the films and articles of Muslim women featured on, Maslaha has also extended this project to explore some of these stories in more detail through an exhibition series featuring mixed media and visual arts, bringing together photographers, fine art painters, radio producers and more.  Our ICBS workshops with young people takes this one step further by enabling young women to capture their stories for themselves through workshops in film, photography, sound and fine art.

This campaign captures the spirit of everyday activists, visionaries and pioneers – their passions, their experiences, and the paths which led them to dedicate their lives to their causes.  It also provides a platform from which to explore the issues these women are passionate about, incorporating a shared dedication to women’s rights, empowerment and equality.

International Women's Day 2011

Photo left: On the centenary of International Women’s Day in 2011, Maslaha mobilized a group of young Muslim women to join thousands of women across the globe by taking part in the ‘Join Women on the Bridge’ campaign organized by Women for Women International in solidarity with women of all cultures and faiths across the world  

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