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This exhibition series brings together photography, paintings and soundscapes that further explore the compelling stories of featured women from ICBS.  These portraits will compliment each other in capturing the vibrant textures of these lives and causes.

The first feature was exhibited at the launch of this campaign on the 31st of March 2011.  Muna Hassan, a young Somali health campaigner from East London was the first subject of this exhibition series.

The launch featured:

Photography by Liz Hingley – Liz intimately documents political and social issues, with a particular interest in alternative modes of community living.  Her exhibition of 2009 – ‘“Under Gods”: stories from Soho Road’ documented the lives of residents on one of Britain’s most culturally diverse streets in Birmingham.  This beautiful portrayal of faith and diversity was featured in the Daily Telegraph and on the BBC 2 Culture Show, and she is currently working on ‘“Under Gods” stories from Paris’.  

Paintings by Emily Kirby – Emily’s paintings have been exhibited in Prague, southern Africa, and across the UK.  Her work has always been concerned with the study of people, revealing the figure to be a landscape in itself.  Her continuing aim is to explore techniques which portray people in a free and powerful way, as a celebration of their identity.

Soundscapes by Angela Robson - Angela is an acclaimed BBC radio documentary maker and has reported from twenty-eight countries, including Rwanda, Tuva and East Timor.  A regular contributor to Woman’s Hour on Radio 4, her items have included a week-long series on five  ‘Women of the Qu’ran’.  She was the winner of the 2008 Lorenzo Natali Prize for Journalism and a finalist in the 2007 British Media and Environment Awards.   These soundscapes will bring these stories to life, creating an audio depiction of these women's lives which also allows them to tell their stories in their own words.  

Over the course of 2012 we will be fundraising to produce the next nine portraits.

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