Muslima: Muslim Women Art and Voices


Maslaha is proud to be an outreach partner for the International Museum of Women's newest online exhibition - MUSLIMA: Muslim Women Art and Voices - launched on International Women's Day, 8th March 2013. 

Muslim Women’s Art & Voices is a groundbreaking online exhibition recently launched by the International Museum of Women. Part exhibition, part call to action, the site features a constantly evolving roster of artists, writers, musicians, and other women from all over the world who are defining their own identities and defying negative stereotypes. Check it out at

The International Museum of Women (IMOW) is an innovative online museum that showcases art, stories and ideas to celebrate and advance the lives of women around the world. IMOW’s online exhibitions inspire creativity, awareness and action on vital global issues for women. For more information and to explore the museum’s exhibitions, go to


  • CAMPAIGN: Join the Muslima campaign to promote greater understanding and dialogue. When we deny the diversity and potential of a group of people, we deny the world of ideas, imagination, and solutions. Sign up today and help the campaign to reach its goal of 15,000 signatures! Will you join? 
  • SUBMIT: Take part in the Muslima: Muslim Women’s Art & Voices exhibition! Submit your creative work by April 15 for consideration. Art, photography, video, creative writing and more are accepted. Spread the words and share with your networks! 


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Maslaha is an outreach partner for a groundbreaking online exhibition by the International Museum of Women