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I Can Be She?

By Nedjma Ouerdane

Aya Haidar is making impressive headway in the art world. You may not have heard of her (yet) but her creative talent certainly makes her worth finding out about. At the age of 25, Aya has already got a lot to be proud of.

Her work has already featured in several exhibitions and we are not the first to make a fuss about her. ELLE magazine and Art Dubai Journal have already interviewed the young artist and we, at  I Can Be She- Maslaha’s new Women project- will be meeting her to hear her story and explore her work in the event of her upcoming exhibition in October 2010.
Politics, history, family and identity are a few strong recurring themes central to her pieces and this is, perhaps, what has sparked so much interest in her and her work.  

As a young, Muslim woman firmly set on the path to success, Aya Haidar represents an I Can Be She modern day inspiration and her journey is sure to strike a chord with young ambitious women everywhere.