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Muslim women stand up for women’s rights

By Helena See

In just over two weeks’ time, Maslaha will be celebrating International Women’s Day by taking part in the ‘Join Women on the Bridge’ campaign organised by Women for Women International.

‘Join Women on the Bridge’ is a chance to show support for women across the world who suffer the consequences of war and violence. It is a campaign for the end of violence against women, and for women to be properly represented at peace negotiating tables in war-torn countries.

Maslaha is bringing together Muslim women from across the capital to show solidarity for women of all cultures and faiths, as well as to raise awareness about the issues that continue to affect Muslim women in the UK. Muslim women still face some of the highest levels of inequality in the UK, as well as many popular misconceptions and prejudices about their identities as Muslim women. By joining the campaign, we want to show that the needs of women transcend culture and faith.

The idea for the ‘Join Women on the Bridge’ campaign originally came from Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where women from each country came together on a bridge along the border to stand up for peace and an end to violence against women.

The London branch of the campaign will take place on the Millennium footbridge on 8th March, and will be led by Annie Lennox. For more information, join the Maslaha facebook event, or go to the ‘Join Women on the Bridge’ campaign website