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Free milk, fruit, vegetables and vitamins

Did you know? 

Families on certain benefits can get free milk, fruit, vegetables and vitamins.  If you're pregnant or have a young child under four you could get Healthy Start vouchers worth £3.10 a week for you and your child. 

The vouchers can be spent on milk, fruit, vegetables and infant formula milk at your local shops and supermarkets, and you can also get coupons for free vitamins too.  Once you have checked that you qualify, applying for Healthy Start is very easy.

  1. Get an application form and fill it in
  2. Take the application form to your midwife or health visitor
  3. Ask them to fill in and sign Part B of the form or give you a letter confirming that you're pregnant and/or that you've got children under the age of four
  4. Make sure all the information is correct and sign the form
  5. Send the form (and the letter if you have one) to Healthy Start - no need for a stamp



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