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Step by step

1. Meet the experts

As soon as you discover that you are pregnant, it is important to book an appointment with your doctor, who will also be able to tell you about other useful people such as your local midwife and family support workers.




2. Eat well

Eating a good diet will keep you and your baby strong.  This includes fruit and vegetbles, and also plenty of Vitamin D which you can get from dark green vegetables, almonds, sardines, and also sunlight.  The Quran teachers to "eat from healthy wholesome food that God has given you and thank Him for all the gifts" - this includes lots of fruit, vegetables and lentils.


3. Stay on track

Your doctor will book some tests and scans for you to help you look after your baby's health.  These appointments will let you monitor how your baby is growing and also make sure that you stay healthy throughout the pregnancy.




4. Antenatal classes

Antenatal classes are great for helping you to prepare for the months ahead and also meeting other pregnant women.  You will also find lots of other activities and support groups available at your local Children's Centre.




5. Exercise

The first few months when you're feeling energetic are a great time to prepare you home and to think about the things you will need.  Some gentle exercise is also good to keep your strength up for the birth and afterwards.




6. Breast-feeding

Breast-feeding can help your baby to grow strong and healthy and also help you to lose the weight that you may have gained during pregnancy.  The Quran encourages mothers to breast feed for up to two years.

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