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Barrow Cadbury Trust

The Barrow Cadbury Trust is an independent charitable foundation, committed to bringing about socially just change. We provide grants to grassroots community groups and campaigns working in deprived communities in the UK, with a focus on Birmingham and the Black Country.  We also work with researchers, think tanks and government, often in partnership with other grant-makers, to overcome the structural barriers to a more just and equal society. The Trust was founded in 1920 by Barrow Cadbury and his wife Geraldine Southall Cadbury. 

Barrow was the grandson of John Cadbury, the founder of the family-run chocolate business in Birmingham, where Barrow worked for almost 50 years, succeeding his uncle George as Chairman in 1918. He and Geraldine were committed Quakers who chose to live modestly themselves and establish the Trust. In time, their children became Trustees and their son, Paul Cadbury, took over as Chair in 1959. Paul, his sisters and many of their descendants have all given time to being Trustees and added generously to the Trust’s endowment. The current Chair is Helen Cadbury, a great grand-daughter of the founders.

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Barrow Cadbury Trust is committed to bringing about socially just change.