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Marion Janner OBE

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Marion is chief executive of the social justice charity Bright, which runs the Star Wards project. 

Following her experience as a detained inpatient, she set up Star Wards which helps mental health wards introduce mainly small, low-cost changes which have a huge impact on patients’ and staff experiences. Star Wards’ approach is based on a deep appreciation of the skills, qualities and resilience of staff and patients and is pragmatic about the realities of introducing change in highly pressurised, grossly under-funded services. 

Previous roles have also focused on ‘total institutions’ through work that prevents admission, facilitates departure or improves experiences in places such as prisons, the old ‘asylums’ and mental health hospitals. As a (secular…) member of the Jewish community, Marion is very aware of the importance of people’s faith especially during people’s darkest times and has created various resources to enable services to meet people’s cultural and religious needs.

Marion is a trustee of the LankellyChase Foundation, which works to bring about change that will transform the quality of life of people who face severe and multiple disadvantage.

She has two learning disabled foster sons whose qualities inform and inspire her work, as well as creating much joy in her life. Marion is perhaps best known though as the proud mother of Buddy, a 12 year old Tibetan Terrier, whose hairy little face graces many a mental health ward noticeboard and whose happiness-inducing presence among inpatients is a major inspiration to Star Wards’ work.

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Marion is the chief executive social justice charity Bright and the Star Wards initiative.