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Abdul Hasan

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Hasan is a project coordinator at Maslaha with a BA in German and Philosophy from the University of Oxford. Attending a Grada Kilomba seminar on decolonial feminism at the Humboldt University in Berlin in 2012, and taking part in a workshop organised by Voices That Shake in 2015 were formative milestones in his education.

Hasan has previously interned at ReachOut Berlin, a counselling centre for victims of racist, anti-Semitic and right-wing violence, conducting research, translating their records of racist attacks, and delivering workshops on topics such as racism, prejudice and Whiteness to a wide variety of audiences, including schoolchildren, students and teachers. 

He also continues to translate for ReachOut and the Campaign for Victims of Racist Police Violence (KOP) in Berlin. Hasan has spoken on various panels on topics such as art and colonialism, environmental justice and Islamophobia in Paris post-COP21. He also works as a youth worker in Kilburn, and is part of the Healing Justice Collective in London.

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Hasan is a project coordinator at Maslaha