Islam and feminism

Both today and historically, Muslim women across the world have been involved in varied efforts to improve the status of women and tackle practices or attitudes that are considered discriminatory on the basis of gender.

The Islam & Feminism online resource (, released to co-incide with International Women's Day and Women's History Month 2014, explores the relationship between Islam and feminism from both an historical perspective and through the diverse lives of Muslim women today. It looks at what feminism in Islam can mean to different people and how it might challenge stereotypes both in Islam and feminism, as well as the perceived clash between the two. 

Through highlighting the broad range of thinkers on Islam and feminism, it avoids the often rigid definitions which lead to polarised discussions. As one of our contributors says, feminism should not be an exclusive club; the ideas should be accessible to everyone.

For some, Islam and feminism are often seen as incompatible, but as a number of our contributors point out, for them Islam provides a strong foundation for gender equality and social justice.

This resource is a conversation, and we expect the content to evolve with new material and new contributors. We hope this will be an open conversation and as such there will be both common ground and disagreement. But what remains vital is that this conversation happens so that the breadth of ideas and knowledge is available to everyone.

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The resource is part of the I Can Be She project.

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