Your healthy pregnancy

These films bring together Islamic and medical information - in English, Punjabi and Pashto - to explain how you can have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

  • Learn what kinds of food are good for you while you are pregnant
  • The importance of seeing a doctor or midwife once you know you are pregnant
  • How breast-feeding can make your baby strong and help you lose weight.
  • We also have a list of good centres that can help you once you’ve had your baby as well as tell you how to get vouchers which can provide you with free fruit and vegetables.

In partnership with Birmingham East and North Primary Care Trust and Health Launchpad at the Young Foundation, Maslaha has been working closely with health
practitioners, local community organisations, patients and many more to produce this unique resource on how to make sure you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.



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Your healthy pregnancy - English
Support for pregnant women
Your healthy pregnancy - Punjabi
Support for pregnant women
Your healthy pregnancy - Pashto
Support for pregnant women
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How to be healthy while you are pregnant and give your baby the strongest start in life - watch our latest film, produced in Birmingham